Rebel Lures Teeny Wee Crawfish Fishing Lure

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Rebel Teeny Wee-Crawfish

Rebel Natural Craw Teenywee Fishing Lure/Hook 1/10 Ounce 1.5'' - Crankbait

The ultra-light Rebel Deep Wee is undoubtedly one of the most popular fishing lures in the world. Its small life-like profile entices and catches all sizes of game fish - especially bass, trout, and panfish. The distinct pulsating action is irresistible and extremely effective in rivers and streams. Cast or troll this deep running crawfish bait and enjoy the true-running stablility that makes this Rebel lure a winner.

Rebel Wee Crawfish - Nest Robber

The Rebel Super Teeny Wee-R crankbait has the soul of a Wee-R in a tiny 1/8 oz body, which allows easy use around rocks, stumps, and submerged timber. The Super Teeny Wee-R can be waked just under the surface or cranked up to 3-feet deep to catch fish in steams, ponds or even big lakes. The Super Teeny Wee-R features a fat baitfish profile and a wiggling action on the retrieve that bass, panfish and other gamefish can't resist. It's a great crankbait anytime fish are feeding on young baitfish.

Rebel Super Teeny WEE-R Lure Bass

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