Sensation Saltwater Fishing - BACK IN STOCK The famous Sloppy rod, designed for being sensitive, known for having a backbone. The Okuma Sloppy is every offshore anglers delight, fishing off the boat

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Okuma Sloppy 5.6ft Paddle Ski Rod

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Key to Successful Saltwater Fishing: The Right Tackle

Okuma Fishing Tackle USA

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Re-designed with passion, desire, and experience. Okuma SST a rods are elevating performance standards throughout cold-water fisheries. Species and technique-specific actions provide the definitive rod selection for salmon, steelhead, trout, Kokanee, halibut, and sturgeon. With Okuma IM-8 graphite providing a premium foundation (E-glass in halibut rods), the rest of the components build on SST excellence. Durable stainless steel guide frames feature braid-ready Zirconium inserts.

Okuma SST New Generation Kokanee Casting Rod

Okuma Fishing Tackle USA